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Many scientific endeavors have been driven by a desire to understand the greatest enigma of all – our own minds – leading to the development of ideas and experiments aimed at explaining the mechanics of being human. Human ideas, feelings, and behaviors all originate in the brain, where a complex network of cells takes information from the internal and external environment and transforms it into our perceptions of ourselves, the world around us, and our interactions with it.

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Welcome to Explora. This site is all about understanding how the mind works. I am Eunice and I work as a Psychologist at a school here in New York. I’d love to share some tips to the young generations as well as to people experiencing dementia on how to sharpen your memory thru Barin teaser games!


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What causes humans to think and act the way they do? Dr. Paul Badcock and his colleagues recently developed a hypothesis of the human brain that incorporates evidence from evolutionary and developmental psychology, neurology, and biology to answer this question. The human brain, according to this idea, is a complex adaptive system made up of specialized and domain-general elements that work together to develop adaptive responses to the environment. Their Hierarchically Mechanistic Mind (HMM) model, it may be argued, moves us closer to a complete explanation of the brain.


Perceptual and cognitive skills are put to the test in these brain teaser games.

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