Perceptual and cognitive skills are put to the test in these brain teaser games.

Perceptual and cognitive skills are put to the test in these brain teaser games.

Inventive Brain Teasers, Puzzles, and Games for Teens and Adults
Since 2010, SharpBrains readers (mainly adults, but also younger brains) have voted for the top 25 Brain Teasers, Puzzles, and Games.

It’s always beneficial to learn more about and train our minds!

Interesting tidbits on how our brains and minds work:

  1. Do you think you know what colors are? Take the Stroop Test to find out.
  2. You claim to be able to count? Take a look at this quick attentiveness test.
  3. Take a stress test.
  4. Make a guess: Do human brains have more connections than leaves in the Amazon?

These brain teaser games will test your cognitive abilities:

  1. Two major mental muscles are engaged with quick brain teasers.
  2. Count how many Fs there are in this sentence.
  3. Do you know what Apple’s logo is?

Visual illusions: parallel lines visual illusion

  1. There are ten basic optical illusions that will fool your mind.
  2. What do you think you’re seeing?
  3. Mental Rotation is a fun game to play.
  4. What’s the deal with these photos?

Illusion test 12: click here for language and logic mind teasers In which direction is the bus going?

  1. What happens to words?
  2. Come to this polyglot’s celebration.
  3. Haikus that are both entertaining and educational. Yours?


Here are a few visual exercises to keep your mind active:
Is a circle, well, a circle?

  1. It’s not as obvious as it appears.

How many are there?

How’s your pattern recognition?

  1. Proverbs to sharpen your memory and logic

Math Brain Puzzles20. Find the missing number in The Empty Triangle

  1. Good puzzle for the whole brain: The Blind Beggar
  2. Find the the Really, Really, Really Big Number

Fun brain teasers for the workplace: Brain Teaser Questions

  1. Please consider Linda’s job prospects
  2. A few guesstimations often used in consulting and tech interviews

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